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brad roll
Director of Worship
(419) 674-3107
life story

I grew up on the corner of North and Vine across from a grain elevator in Kenton, a small town in northwestern Ohio. I fell in love with a girl named Rebekah who grew up in Texas but moved less than three blocks away from me, into the house where my old best friend used to live, my senior year of high school. We've basically been together ever since. She's my wife, best friend, and mother to our three wonderful children - Laney, Lincoln, and Carson.

I spent my youth growing up in a Baptist church - my mom taught Sunday school and helped lead the children's choir where I first learned about singing songs of praise. My Dad hosted a Sunday morning radio show on the local station that broke format and played praise and worship music. They put the first guitar in my hands - I still have it and practice each week on it. It reminds me where I've been.

I was baptized into Christ at 12 years old. I'd like to say that it's been easy street since then, but the reality is that every day presents new challenges - which to me, are reminders that I can't do it on my own and I need His grace, forgiveness, and wisdom daily. Before we joined Good News Church in the summer of 2014 – before we were even meeting as a church – I had found myself as far away from God as I had ever been. Thankfully, He never gave up pursuing me and I remained open to be used for His glory.

Although music is an important part of my life, I lead Good News Worship part-time - during the week I spend my time at Ohio State, where I’ve been since 2006, working as a business analyst for the Student Financial Aid office. I enjoy photography, writing, thrifting, teaching my kids how to be funny, M*A*S*H, carpentry (I built a dining table that wobbles), carb-loading, hammock naps, and traveling.

god-sized dream

My God-sized dream for Good News Church is that we cultivate an atmosphere of worship that expands beyond our walls and permeates the hearts and lives of the people who call it home – encouraging them to lead lives of worship in Spirit and Truth – through a ministry that will long outlive me.

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