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Discipleship Groups

A discipleship group is not new concept.  Discipleship groups have been around since the time of Christ when he modeled for us the first “D Group” with Peter, James and John. Jesus’ ministry was multi-faceted.  He regularly spoke to large crowds. He invested in his small group of 12 disciples.  But he was also intentional about creating a more intimate group of men that he could personally pour into and train.  This practice of doing life and discipleship together was a key component in the ministry of Jesus and has continued throughout the history of the church.  We are taking a similar approach by adding this intimate discipleship layer to our current network of small groups and our weekly worship gatherings. 


What we are inviting people into is a proven strategy of accountability that focuses on obedience to the Word of God.  Discipleship Groups are gender-specific groups consisting of three to five people who meet weekly for interactive Bible reading, accountability, and prayer for the lost.  While our small groups create space for us to grow in our relationships with one another and help us build a sense of community, these D groups are specifically designed to help us grow deeper in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word while providing a high level of accountability in the process.


We all need a space for people to experience genuine accountability, confession of sin, deeper study of Scripture and deeper spiritual growth. That’s exactly what these groups are built for.  They are for anyone who desires to personally grow in their faith and live out the Great Commission of multiplying disciples.  Discipleship groups are the catalyst for a church wide disciple-making movement.  Our church is filled with deeply committed disciples and it’s time to activate them and train them by modeling this simple disciple-making process, and then release them to do what God has called them to do…MAKE MORE DISCIPLES!

Please contact Kerry or Aaron if you'd like to be in a Discipleship Group.  

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