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coate / humpal group

The Coate/Humpal GNCommunity typically gathers on Tuesday evenings. Check out the calendar for the next event.

meet the leaders


Brian & Kelly Coate

(614) 361-6670 (Brian)

(614) 657-0809 (Kelly)


Brad & Becky Humpal

(614) 579-7610 (Brad)

(614) 309-1638 (Becky)

Welcome to the Coate/Humpal Community!


Our hope for our community group is to bring people together in faith as a family, because, well, that is literally what we are! Brian Coate and Becky Humpal are fun-loving twins who grew up in Dublin (please feel free to ask them if they are identical). Brad keeps us fed and Kelly keeps us organized! Brad is tall; Kelly is not. Brian and Kelly have three kids and live in Dublin; Brad and Becky reside in Powell with their two kids and one very boisterous westie. If you have ever bumped into a small child with blonde hair and blue eyes while at the church, there is at least a 73.6% chance it was one of our five! We are truly blessed and excited for the opportunity to lead a community group, and sincerely invite you to join us in making a new family focused on fellowship, faith, and fun (…and maybe even some strategically placed childhood photos of Brian and Becky…)

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