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give it up

for something better

Give what up? And what's the better thing?


"More than 840 million people around the world live without access to safe & reliable water. This affects all aspects of life—including health, wealth, education, food security, and safety. Women and children in developing countries spend millions of hours each day collecting water for their families. This water is often contaminated, causing major harm to personal and community life. Millions of people are left in vulnerable, restricted positions, unable to pursue their own dreams because they don’t have access to life’s most basic need—safe and reliable water." [1]

What if you could change that? What if the community that makes up Good News Church put their resources together to make a life-changing impact on a remote village in Malawi or Haiti?

The early followers of Jesus put their lives on the line and lived radically to share the Good News of Jesus - that the Kingdom of God is near and eternity is promised to those who follow Christ. But, their words were filled with action. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and sold possessions to give to those in need! (Acts 2) 

So here's the ask - will you prayerfully ask God to guide you in selling possessions to give to those in need? To be more specific, sell your stuff to help us get hand-pumps in remote villages. That in and of itself is awesome - but the best part is that these pumps are installed in areas where missionaries are intentionally sharing the gospel!

100% of funds raised will go directly to Design Outreach - the organization with the technology and connections to make these dreams become reality for the millions without clean drinking water, and who may not know the love of Jesus.

Check out the video below to see the full impact you can make for the Kingdom of God!

donate now

Our goal as a church is to raise $20,000 for this effort! That's a God-sized amount for our church, but His Kingdom is not short on resources. It starts with prayer and surrendered hearts asking God to make clear how He's called you to live generously! Your donation will absolutely make a difference in the life of a young family who will gain access to fresh, clean water and also learn about the hope we can have in Jesus!

100% of funds raised go directly to Design Outreach. We are collecting the funds through Good News Church (qualifies as a tax-deductible donation) and sending one lump-sum amount to Design Outreach. Funds will be collected through Nov 17th. You can give online below (select the "Give It Up" fund), or through cash/check by using one of the designated envelopes located in the worship area at Good News Church. Reach out to Adam Kennedy with any giving questions. Thank you for Giving It Up for something better!

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