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worship songs
  • Won’t Worry Bout a Thing

  • Never Let Go of Me

  • Million Reasons

bible story

Beyond the Bible Story


KEY PASSAGE:  Philippians 1:20-21

READ TOGETHER:  Acts 27:13-44; 28:11-16

STORY POINT: God protected Paul in the shipwreck.


BIG PICTURE QUESTION AND ANSWER: When should we tell others about Jesus? We should tell about Jesus all the time.


  • Who do you think was more afraid in the storm, Paul or the sailors? Why?

  • How did God use the shipwreck for good?

  • What are some hard things in your life that God can use?


Find instructions online to make paper boats. Take your kids to a lake or pond to sail them.

application activity


Create wind with friends

 Place two cotton balls on one end of a table. Give two preschoolers a drinking straw. Demonstrate how to blow through the straw to create wind. Encourage a child to blow through his straw to move his cotton ball toward the other end of the table. Throw straws and cotton balls away. Disinfect the table with wipes. Choose another two preschoolers to play again. 


Say • After the windy storm caused the ship to break apart, God protected Paul in the shipwreck. He spent three months on an island before taking another ship to Rome. Paul was still a prisoner, but he was allowed to live in a house with a guard. People came to the house to talk to Paul, and even though he was in jail, Paul told his visitors the good news of Jesus. When should we tell others about Jesus? We should tell about Jesus all the time.

Elementary Kids

Blindfolded obstacle course. 

One kid will be blindfolded, and another kid will guide them through an obstacle course (use the space and equipment in Rec Outlet to come up with your course). 

Say: you had to trust the other person to guide you through the course and not run into things. Did you feel scared at all since you could not see? That is similar to how Paul felt as well, but he trusted in God just like you had to trust in your partner to not hurt you.