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worship songs
  • God is for Me

  • You Forgive Me

  • Made for This

bible story

Beyond the Bible Story

Key Passage: Isaiah 53:4-5


Read together: John 5

Story Point:  Jesus Healed a Man Who Could Not Walk



  • How would you react if Jesus miraculously healed you?

  • How can we trust God when people we love are sick?

  • What can we do to help people who are sick?

application activity


Use your legs


 Place a long piece of painter’s tape down the center of the room. Give commands related to legs for children to follow. Use the following or create your own. 

Jump over the line.     Walk on the line.    Hop on top of the line. 

Tiptoe next to the line.   Stand on one foot on the line.     Straddle the line. 

Say • You used your legs to do what I asked you to do! The man at the pool was able to use his legs to do what Jesus asked him to do because Jesus healed him! Jesus healed a man who could not walk, and the man obeyed Jesus. In a similar way, we are sinners who need Jesus’ help. Jesus wants us to trust in Him. Jesus can free us from sin so we can follow Him and obey Him.

Elementary Kids

Pallet placemats

 Provide each kid with two sheets of construction paper. Help the kids cut 1-inch vertical strips from one sheet. Then show them how to fold the other sheet in half and cut slits starting at the fold and going to about an inch from the edge of the paper. Demonstrate how to weave the strips over and under through the slits to make a pallet placemat. You may use clear contact plastic to cover the placemats and make them water resistant. 

Say • Today we heard about a time Jesus told a man who could not walk to pick up his mat and walk. A pallet is like a large mat that a person can lay on. Someone remind me what happened to the man?