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  • Good in Every Way

  • I’m Trusting You

  • Your Power Will Pull us Through

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bible story

Beyond the Bible Story


KEY PASSAGE:  2 Timothy 3:16-17

READ TOGETHER:  Jude 3-4,17-25

STORY POINT: Jude encouraged Christians to stand strong in the faith.


BIG PICTURE QUESTION AND ANSWER: How do we live while waiting for Jesus to return? We remember God’s truth, grow in godliness, and spread the gospel.


  • How can you tell if something is true or false?

  • What is our source to learn what is true about God?

  • How should we react when we hear lies about God?


  • Teach your kids what a concordance is and how to use it to look up what the Bible teaches about different topics.

application activity


Play “Simon Says” 

 Explain that you will say an action. If you begin the action with “Simon says” preschoolers should do that action. If you do not say “Simon says” before saying the action, preschoolers should not do that action. Play several rounds. Then allow a preschooler to be Simon. 


Say • We did some pretty silly things while doing what Simon said! Some people might think you are silly for following Jesus. Jude warned the early Christians to watch out for people who sin and say wrong things about Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life—the One who protects His people from sin. Because of Jesus, God will welcome us and give us joy forever. How do we live while waiting for Jesus to come back? We follow Jesus and tell everyone about Him.

Elementary Kids

Strong Person

Form smaller groups and give each group a large sheet of paper. One kid in each group will lay down on the paper as his team traces him with a pencil. Groups will then think of what makes someone strong. Encourage kids to fill in the outline to create a strong person. They can use drawings or write words. Allow each group to share its strong person drawing. 


SAY: Do you know someone whom you think is really strong? What makes that person strong? In our story we learned that Jude encouraged Christians to stand strong in the faith. What do you think it means to stand strong in your faith? 


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