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bible story

Beyond the Bible Story


KEY PASSAGE:  Acts 1:8

READ TOGETHER:  Acts 18:1-4,24-28; 20:17-38

STORY POINT: God helped Paul preach with courage even when he was in danger.

BIG PICTURE QUESTION AND ANSWER: How do people hear about Jesus? God uses Christians to tell others about Jesus so they may repent and be saved.  


  • What dangers did Paul face while sharing the gospel?

  • What dangers might we face while sharing the gospel?

  • How can we be brave?


  • Build a tent in your living room or outside. Discuss Paul’s job as a tentmaker and how God used that to provide for him. Ask how God provides for you.

application activity


Float boats

 Gather an assortment of clean, small plastic containers such as yogurt cups, margarine tubs, plastic cups, and so forth. Fill a plastic tub with a few inches of water. Place the tub on a flat surface covered with a towel. Invite preschoolers to experiment to determine which containers float the best and hold the most plastic people figures. 


Say • Paul got on a boat to Jerusalem. Before he got on the boat, the church leaders prayed with him and said goodbye. God helped Paul preach with courage. Paul knew that having an easy life was not the most important thing; the most important thing was to do the work God had for him. God called Paul to tell people the good news about Jesus, and Paul wanted to follow God’s plan no matter what.­

Elementary Kids

Missionary role-play

Describe a few scenarios for the kids. Invite a few kids to act out each scenario to show how they could honor God and share the gospel in each situation.

Suggested scenarios:

A bully at school pushes you at lunch to take your spot in line.

A friend tells you that his parents have been fighting a lot and he feels very alone.

You hear someone at recess say, “Only dorks go to church!”

You forgot to finish your spelling homework, but a friend offers to let you copy hers. 


Say • God helped Paul preach with courage even when he was in danger. Every day we encounter all kinds of situations where we can choose to honor God with our lives. Sometimes it is much easier to ignore the Holy Spirit than it is to trust Him and speak out in hard times. The wonderful thing about the gospel is that it is the message of God’s power to change our lives and give us hope for the future. No matter what we face, we can know that our eternity is with God.


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