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gnkids Advent Resources
for the week of December 3rd

All kids aged 4yrs to 5th grade are studying the same content as the adults.  Below you will find 5 activities that pertain to this week's I AM statement from Jesus.  Choose to complete them all or one, whatever works for your family as you focus in on Jesus this Advent season.  

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Activity 1

This week is all about joy.  Because Jesus is the perfect shepherd and fulfills both the holy role of

the shepherd as well as the role of the spotless lamb used for sacrifice.  With today’s statement, “I

AM the Good Shepherd,” Jesus contrasts the failure of the Pharisees and religious leaders to

properly shepherd their people with what he has come to do.  And that message should bring

joy because the invitation is for everyone!


Read: John 10:11


Together, do some research online about shepherds in Jesus’ day.

What were their main duties?

What was unique about their job from others?

How is Jesus the perfect shepherd for us?


Activity 2
Play the following game called, Listen carefully

Assign roles of  thief, sheep and shepherd.  Have the thief close his eyes. The sheep will crawl on their hands and knees.  When the thief says “sheep,” all the sheep should bleat and move away from the thief. The thief will try to tag the sheep by following the sounds they make. If a child is tagged, the shepherd will call that person by name and lead him into the “pen” (a corner) until the next round.


Jesus is the Good Shepherd. People who trust in Jesus are His sheep. They

listen to Him, follow Him, and obey Him. Like a shepherd protects his sheep, Jesus gave up His

life so His people could be forgiven and have life with God forever.

Activity 3

Read Luke 2:8-14

Not only does Jesus call himself the Good Shepherd, but shepherds are also the first to know about Jesus’ birth!

How would you have felt if you were one of the shepherds in this passage?
Why is it significant that the news about Jesus was first given to lowly shepherds?
Who around you needs to hear the good news about Jesus?  Help each other come up with a plan to tell that person about Jesus.

Activity 4

Read Luke 2:15-20

The shepherds left praising and glorifying God for the gift of Jesus and the invitation to be a witness to Jesus’ arrival  Spend time as a family praising God for the many ways that He has been and will be faithful to your family.  You could do this through conversation, spontaneous prayer, praying scripture and/or worship music. 
Here are a few suggested scriptures and songs.
Psalm 3:3-5
Psalm 23
Psalm 32:1-2
Psalm 138




Activity 5

Watch the following Bible lesson

Why is Jesus being our good shepherd great news?
What are some of the ways that we try to be our own good shepherd?
What can we do when we are tempted to be our own good shepherd?

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