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men's campout

Fri, Sep 18th, 5pm -

Sat, Sep 19th, Noon

All men are invited to join us for a campout at Cody Balch's step-brother's house (27424 State Highway 37, Richwood, OH 43344). Whether you're a camping pro or have never spent a night outside, come and enjoy the great outdoors with other guys in our community.

Full details are below, but RSVP so we can know how many to expect.

*Dads, you're welcome to bring your sons along!

Awesome! Invite your buddies to join! We'll send a reminder leading up to the night of the event.



The campout will begin Friday evening (Sep 18th) at 5pm, and end around noon on Saturday (Sep 19th). You can come on Friday anytime after 5pm.


Cody Balch's step-brother's house: 27424 State Highway 37, Richwood, OH 43344


This is a "self-supported" camping trip, meaning, you bring what you need including food and gear. Here's a packing list to help:

  • Food/Drinks - feel free to coordinate with friends on items they are bringing so you can share. An easy and tasty option is to buy freeze-dried meals.

  • Grill/Stove - We'll have a campfire and grate to cook over, but feel free to bring your own campfire stove.

  • Firewood - we will have some on site, but if you have any laying around, please bring it.

  • Tent - there will be some trees for hammocks, and plenty of space for tents. If you have a larger tent and want to coordinate with some other guys, feel free.

  • Sleeping bags/sleeping pad/pillow

  • Tarp - if it's going to rain, a tarp might not be a bad thing to have handy.

  • Camp chair - you can sit on the ground, but a chair might be more comfortable.

  • Toilet Paper - there are no toilet facilities, so don't forget that doubly ply TP or dude wipes.

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Plates/Utensils/Cookware - depending on what food you bring, plates and cookware will be needed. Also, it's handy to have an all in one utensil kit.

  • Water - there may not be water available at the campsite, so bring what you'll need to drink and cook with.

  • Warm clothes - it's Ohio in September, anything can happen.


  • Fishing - we are camping around a pond with some big fish available. 

  • Swimming - it might be a bit cold, but man up and take a plunge!

  • Shooting - there are big fields surrounding us where we can trap shoot. If you plan to bring firearms, please let us know. Bring your own ammo & targets.

  • Lawngames - we'll have cornhole, hill-billy golf, football, and others but feel free to bring your own games as well.


Overall, the weekend is pretty relaxed and laid back. We will have some specific time around the campfire later Friday evening, and Saturday morning.

If you are new to camping, or have never camped before, don't let that keep you from joining us. Let us know how we can help make this campout an enjoyable experience for you - whether that's helping you pack or helping you find gear. Please email Adam Kennedy with any questions or concerns. We're looking forward to a great weekend with you all!

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