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Beginning on January 1st, we are setting out to read through the New Testament together as a church. Our vision is to help change the spiritual landscape of Powell and the greater Columbus area, and it starts with each of us making it a priority to read through the Word of God on a consistent basis. Just like we need daily food to keep us energized and going, we want to engage daily in God's word to keep us inspired and focused.

There are 2 ways to join in. 

  1. YouVersion Bible App | The Bible app online will help you stay on track with the daily scripture reading. You can also set it up to send daily reminders, leave your thoughts on a passage, and share the plan with friends and family.

  2. New Testament Bookmark | Don't like reading the Bible on your phone, and prefer reading it on paper? Grab a bookmark from the back of the auditorium at Good News Church, or download the PDF to track your status. 

We received a lot of questions on the Bible reading plan, so hopefully some of these answers will help. Please reach out with any more questions.

What if I miss days? No worries at all. Life happens and sometimes we miss a day or two, or 20. You can either read a little more to catch back up, or just keep going at the same pace. The goal isn't to finish in 365 days, it's to engage in the Word of God on a consistent basis. 

What version should I use? Some of the most common version are New International Version (NIV), New Living Translation (NLT), English Standard Version (ESV), or the Message. Each one offers unique wording and phrases, but the core of the Gospel is the same for each.

What if I don't start on January 1st? That's totally fine! You can either read in bigger chunks to catch up, or use your first day as "January 1" and follow along either in the app or with your bookmark (PDF). And depending on when you start, you could just pick up where the plan currently is and go back at the end of the year to what was read before you joined. Digging into the Word of God daily is the goal!

How can I share the plan on the app with people? Within the reading plan itself, there are additional options in the top right corner (...). Click on those additional options and find the "Share" option. You can send it to a friend or family member through text, Facebook, email, and there are other options. Or, if you prefer the paper version, send them this link or grab a few extra bookmarks from the auditorium at Good News Church (we have plenty).

What if I don't understand what I'm reading and have questions? That's a great thing! Even after decades of reading scripture on a daily basis, there are always new things and questions that come up. That's the importance of community - having people in your life that you feel comfortable with to ask those questions. Whether it's deeply theological or simply an encouraging thought - we'd love to walk along with you in this journey, so please reach out to one of our staff, elders, GNCommunity leaders, or someone you just met in the lobby. 

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